The Headshot Session

A professional headshot session is all about you! I will be your personal coach and photographer during the session and I'll take care of directing you so you look awesome in the final headshots.

“Everybody - and I mean everybody - tell me they never look good in pictures and that they hate having their photo taken. I’ll fix that. That’s what I do”

Honestly, there's nothing 'normal' in being in front of a huge camera and a wall of light. I handle this by giving you very (very) specific directions on how to position your body, shoulders and head, and we'll together make headshots conspicuous and unique. 

You can pack your worries away and just show up. 

After your session

Your unretouched pics are generally delivered on same day displayed in a beautiful online gallery for you to be able to pick your favourites for final retouching.

Once you finalized your favourite pictures, final full retouched pictures will be delivered in 2 - 7 days (depends upon package) displayed in a beautiful online gallery where you can download the high-resolution images.

The way I retouch is similar to the makeup any makeup artist does; simple and natural. Professional headshots are meant to project a true-to-life version of you, looking your best and not a 'barbie-printingfied' version - headshots are not glamour shots :)

What About Pricing?

If you're looking for affordable Melbourne headshot photography, you've come to the right place. You can check out detailed pricing here

Family Portrait Session

If you're reading this then you're one step closer to having those family photos it's taken you so long to get around to. I cover family photography in the City of Monash mainly but also cover the surroundings.

The Booking Process

When you make the decision to book your family portrait session, you can either click the 'Get in Touch With Me' link at the bottom of the page or "Contact" at the top of the page. My name's Naj by the way. We'll then have a discussion about the photography session and location. I'll then get to know a little about your family to help me better capture who you really are on the day because really it's not worth doing if you aren't getting photos that you don't feel connected to.

Your Family Session

Like I mentioned, my sessions are pretty casual and relaxed. I will get a range of photos of you with your kids, the kids by themselves, and you and your partner. Then I pretty much let the kids go nuts. Nothing is forced, I'm very much going with the flow because having kids myself I know it's the only way they will let you go... and really, that's when you get the best, most genuine (and chaotic) photos.

After the Session

We may part ways after your session, but the fun is just beginning. I usually get pretty excited to see what pics I got after the session, so your final pics are generally delivered in around 1-2 weeks displayed in a beautiful online gallery for you to be able to pick your favourites for purchase.

What About Pricing?

If you're looking for affordable Melbourne family photography, you've come to the right place. My family photography sessions run for around from 60 - 120 mins (depends upon the package)  and are $100 (unless it's waived off during promotion) which is payable at the time of booking to secure your spot. You can check out detailed pricing here.

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