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Introductory Pricing for Professional Headshots

Whether or not you decide to invest in that one great digital headshot could make or break an opportunity.

Location Backdrop Headshot

30-minute shoot

$175 for the shoot and one retouched high-resolution digital file in JPEG format (via download). This price includes transportation within a 10km radius of Drouin, Victoria. For shoots outside this area, I will email you the additional cost for travel.

Shoot includes one person's headshot shoot in front of a backdrop that I’ll bring with me and one retouched high-resolution digital file in JPEG format (via download). Please note that this is a shot using a studio background. It is not a natural environment or on-location. The natural environment shot pricing and description information are listed under “Location Environmental Portrait” package.

I will arrive at your office at your appointment time. It will take 20 minutes to set up for your shoot and then we will shoot for 30 minutes.

Immediately following the shoot we'll review your images together and I'll help you select the best one. I'll have your final image retouched within three business days or sooner if arranged. You’ll also be able to view the images you liked online within one business day and purchase additional images.

And please feel free to contact me for custom quotes on larger projects.

Location Outdoor Headshot

30-minute shoot

Within Drouin, Victoria

$125 for the shoot and one retouched high-resolution digital file in JPEG format (via download).

There are magnificent parks and our incredible scenic locations in Drouin, Victoria. If you already have a preferred location, I won't mind.

Upon arrival, we’ll walk to a location and create your portrait. Shooting time is 30 minutes.

You’ll be able to view the images online within three business days or sooner if arranged. From the online gallery, you’ll be able to select your favourite which I'll have retouched one business day after you tell me which one you’ve chosen.

Location Environmental Portrait

60-minute shoot

$300 for the shoot and two retouched high-resolution digital file in JPEG format (via download).

This service is a great option for individuals needing a magazine-quality portrait of themselves in their office, factory or other environments. Using the natural environment of the setting rather than a studio backdrop puts your story and personality into the image.

This price includes transportation within a 10 km radius of Drouin, Victoria. For shoots outside this area, I will email you the additional cost for travel.

90 minutes of time is included, of which approximately 60 minutes will be available as shooting time after we've finished setting up.

Additional individuals within the 60 minutes are billed at $80 each, including one high resolution retouched digital file in JPEG format (via download).

These shoots involve a lot of details and ideas and so feel free to call or email to discuss!

And please feel free to contact me for custom quotes on larger projects.

Available Additions:

Three-quarter or Mid-thigh Portrait: Additional +$40 per shot (except Package Three)

Additional finished headshots: +$50

Next day delivery: +$50 per headshot

Additional Individuals: The scheduled time for these shoots includes enough time for one individual. Please feel free to contact me via phone or email for my very reasonable pricing for shoots involving a few to many people.

Available Discounts

Returning Clients: 40% off
If returning within three years from your previous session

Students: 20% Off
Let me help you get noticed as you enter the job market

Members of the uniformed services: 20% Off
Military, Police, Firefighters, Burses, Paramedics, and their immediate family members

- In case of any amount less than $1000, Client shall make a full payment prior or on the day of photo shoot.

- Client shall make a 50% payment of any quote greater than $1,000 and the remaining balance upon completion of the service.

Family Portrait Packages and Pricing

So I’ll keep it simple… 1 Hour(ish) no obligation session $125 payable upon booking.

3 digital packages are available below to choose from, but there is no need to make a decision on this now. All package purchases can be made after your session once I send you your final gallery.

I also offer gift vouchers at any value you’d like.

I won’t take up your time with a sit-down sales session. All orders can be done through an online gallery with a credit card and PayPal purchase options.

Once images are made available online you can save up to 30% or 20% off for the first 48hrs on digital orders (depending which digital package you purchase). I also offer a payment plan option if that’s what you’d prefer.

If the location is more than 1.15hrs away from Drouin, I may charge $0.70/km. 

Please check the frequently asked questions about the session fee. By the way, it's neither the photographer nor creativity fee.

To get in touch, click the ‘CONTACT’ button at the top of this page.




60-90 mins session

Entire high-resolution digital collection (20+ images)

5x7 Print of every image ordered

$50 credit towards wall-art or canvas prints from your session


(Price returns to $570 after 48hr sale)




45 - 60 mins session

10 digital images

5x7 Print of every image ordered


(Price returns to $345 after 48hr sale)




30 - 45 mins session

5 digital images

$175 (Price returns to $200 after 48hr sale)

A-La-Carte Prices (families only)

Travel cost: $0.5/km (in case if the distance is more than 10 km radius of Drouin, Victoria)

Session Fee: $125 per hour

Extra Digital File (high resolution printable to 5x7″) = $50 each

Extra  Digital File (high resolution printable to 30x40'') = $80 each

Wall Art Print (12×16″ and larger) = begins at $80

Canvas Print (16x20'' and larger) = begins at $250

Albums and Coffee Table Books = 20 images start at $500

All Digital Files (high resolution printable to 30x40'') = $500

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the session fee?

A: The session fee formally books your portrait appointment, your portrait session, post-processing, administration and legal cost, equipment depreciation, travel, fuel, heating and cooling at the studio and various insurances. It does not include any prints or products.

Q: Do you offer makeup at the studio?

A: No but will give you complete guide in pdf format for your makeup artist which is realistic and natural. Gentlemen - You do not need makeup! If there's any blemishes or scratches that needs fixing, the retouching process will take care of that

Q: Do I need to book an appointment for a headshot?

A: Yes, you do. A professional headshot session takes full concentration from me - and you - so we need to make sure we have sufficient time without interruption. And you also have to make sure that we're actually in the studio for the shoot :)

Q: Should I come alone? (applies to headshots only)

A: Well, yes. The professional headshot session is a concentrated team effort between you and me, so you should not bring anyone who can distract you during the session - it's, of course, fine to bring spouse and/or a friend, but we generally don't suggest it as it may make you nervous and take attention away from the final results

Q: Can you provide a hard-copy of the headshots?

A: Yes. I am a huge ambassador of prints.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Whatever makes you comfortable. Focus on different cuts of the shirt/dress (round, v-neck, etc.) and keep it in solid, non-reflective colours. I usually suggest that you bring more than you think so we have a good selection to choose from. Remember we're only shooting chest up, so no need for matching pants or shoes :) Bring different ties and jackets, too

Q: What does "different looks" mean?

A: Different looks can be headshots with the change of expression, hair, clothes. A professional headshot or portrait has many uses. Some should look very formal/professional and some should be more easy-going and friendly. These expressions require both different outfits (tie/shirt/jacket vs. t-shirt). For ladies, this would most often include different hairstyles (ponytail, loose hair etc.)

Q: Will you remove my wrinkles in post-production?

A: No. A headshot is meant to show the real you unless it's a modelling or beauty shot. There will be extra charges for additional retouching.

My overall retouching is aimed at representing you from your best possible side, so temporary blemishes, stray hair etc. will, of course, be part of the retouching process, but I will not retouch you too look like a barbie-doll :)

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