Are you applying for a dream job, planning to update the profile photo on LinkedIn, corporate website, or blog?

Are you an actor or a model, need portrait or headshot for audition purposes?

Are you happy to be involved in a creative process, experiment with photography and go with the flow?

Professional Headshots

  • An approachable professional headshot
  • Perfect headshot that can be used for showbiz, LinkedIn, or website
  • An artistic professional headshot where eyes speak
  • Another casual headshot for professional purposes
  • Approachable Look
  • Kids Portrait Series
  • Child Actor
  • Great Casual Business Look

If this is you, I think we are going to be a great fit!

At the moment, this offer is good for 15 professionals who need the headshots or business portraits for their career or business.

These portrait sessions are totally free! Yep, seriously‚Ķ free.  You will get a digital file of a retouched premium headshot. You will also have the opportunity to purchase more photos if you like but there is no obligation at all.

What's the catch? I believe that most of the people don't go for professional photo sessions due to complex pricing structure and a myth that they are not photogenic. I want to break this barrier and give chance to everyone to stand in front of the professional studio lights and the camera; I will bust the myth. I believe, If you like the photos, my simple pricing structure will help you in buying more; otherwise, no worries, I will get the chance to meet and chat with you. We will play with new lighting techniques and styles :)

If this sounds good to you - fill out the selection questionnaire below and increase your chance of getting selected.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Selection Questionnaire for Free Headshot Photography Session

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