About Me

Hi, how's it goin? :)

I Najam (Nudge - em) that means Star, am so eager about capturing images that there is nothing less than marvellous that turned Najam Images into reality. A place to turn your aspirations into images and let you and your loved ones shine like a star.

My most loved professional equipment, and adaptability to squeeze in any location makes my photography a work of art I proudly own and humbly present.

Outside of work and photography, I enjoy exploring outdoors and being passionate about nutrition and health. I also like networking with people from different interest groups and with different opinions. I like to get out of like-minded comfort zone and into a zone where I am going to be able to learn, grow and make a bigger difference.

The Photography

I am an IT professional otherwise and loves to shoot whatever excites me to the inner core of my relentless mind. No matter if they are vast plains, wildlife, bushes, modern infrastructure or people.

However, I realised that it was neither the landscape nor the infrastructure that hit my soul, it was the people that I enjoyed the most. But why? There is a reason behind it which I never perceived unless I sat down and thought about my past and the significant incidents that happened to me.

A quick non-photographic story

In 1990, when the first Gulf war broke out, I had to travel with my parents and siblings from Kuwait to Pakistan by road crossing through Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and half of Pakistan. I was young but young enough to observe my surroundings very well. My travel experience was not an ordinary one, I saw the war-torn areas and, then, the scenic road trip that led to many amazing places, moments, and people. It has broadened my mind and the perspective. It was my personal journey to anguish, hope, solace, and love that masks the world.

How multiculturism and diversity led me to portraits? 

Meeting with people from culturally diverse backgrounds during my professional life in Qatar and Pakistan, provoked an intense interest in portraits. I gave my life a shot and picked up the camera in 2009.

In 2011, I migrated to Australia with my wife and son and chose Melbourne to be our new home. Australia has given me heaps of opportunities in photography.

Finding the niche

Sometimes in this learning process, I ran into Peter Hurley: an authority in headshots. Therefore, become a member of Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew that is world’s largest team of headshot and portrait photographers and started mastering my professional headshot and portrait skills.

About YOU

You are not merely my clients or subjects, but much more than this to me. Each face tells me a story, unique and exciting.

In case of family portraits, looking at your family takes me far down the memory lanes and I learn about the transformation of human genes into beautiful combinations of members sprouting into loved ones. And I try my best to show this amazing uniqueness in each of the portrait or group photo I create.

So come and get your precious moments carved by my lenses and entrapped in the prints and frames to shine on your walls till you make new lovelier ones and keep adding to the love and concern your whole life’s struggle revolves around.

You made the right choice coming here. Welcome!

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