You are not merely my clients or subjects, but much more than this to me. Each face tells me a story, unique and exciting. In creating photographs I believe that anything I cannot transform into something marvellous, I should let go. In short, I primarily create premier Business Headshots and Family Portraits outdoor, indoor, and on-location around Drouin and Warragul, Victoria.

What I like about photographs, is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce - Karl Lagerfeld

This is so true, especially for Family PortraitsThough I prefer shooting Family Portraits outdoor, can be done indoor (especially in winter). If you are interested in Family Portraits only, please click here

A Headshot is a specific type of portrait that realistically demonstrates a person's appearance for branding or casting. Headshots can be produced digitally or print out and used for engaging in social media, the 'about me' and biography web pages/blogs, LinkedIn, resume/cv and showbiz industry.

You need a business headshot; here's why?

The first impression is your picture - people will look you up online before meeting or contacting you

Job recruiters/head-hunters, casting directors and even your prospective clients spend 20% of their time looking at your profile picture - that's a fact

You want to send the right signal; that you're a professional, caring about your appearance

You want to look good - we all do :-)

If you don't have a picture online at all, you for sure need it - what do you want to show up when people search you? A party photo of you, taken and tagged by a friend? I don't think so...

You need a professional to do your headshot' here's why

A professional headshot is much more than a simple picture or portrait; it’s an investment that you make because something is important to you.

Maybe you’re applying for the dream job, maybe presenting at a big conference, having an article in a magazine or having the chance to contribute to a prominent blog.

Maybe you’ve accomplished something, gotten your dream job, finished your higher education, lost weight or changed your life or career in a way that needs to be celebrated.

The professional headshot photographer knows just that. I know just that – you come to me because it matters and it's important.

I also know you’re not relaxed in front of the camera – nobody is. But I know what to do about it – I’m not promising I can make you relaxed in front of the camera during the short time we have together, but I’m promising you I know all the tricks that it takes to make you look relaxed, confident and approachable.

You made the right choice coming here. Lemme Ennoble your Image. Welcome!

Family Portraits

In case of family portraits, looking at your family takes me far down the memory lanes and I learn about the transformation of human genes into beautiful combinations of members sprouting into loved ones. And I try my best to show this amazing uniqueness in each of the portrait or group photo I create.

Kids weren't meant to sit, behave and smile at the camera. That's not who they are...they're nuts! I prefer them to shoot them in this state otherwise, you will never be able to capture the memorable moments.

So, come and get your precious moments carved by my lenses and entrapped in the prints and frames to shine on your walls till you make new lovelier ones and keep adding to the love and concern your whole life’s struggle revolves around.

You made the right choice coming here. Welcome!

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